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Bernetts' latest creation "Heavenly Delite" is used by ice cream retailers to produce their own soft serve mix. "Heavenly Delight" has the following key benefits:

  • Great tasting
  • Refreshing
  • Consistently super creamy
  • Simple to prepare
  • Low in fat
  • Long lasting, shelf stable for 6 months
  • Drop in replacement for traditional soft serve fresh or frozen mix
  • Faster machine wash down

The product is a dairy soft serve dry blend. Each 1.4kg pouch of product is mixed with 4 liters of fresh homogenized milk or ultra pasteurized milk to yield 5 liters of soft serve mix. "Heavenly Delight" is shelf stable for up to 6 months and is extremly low in fat, (2.5%) vs. a 10% fat content in traditional soft serve mix.

Simple to prepare, extremely stabile and consistently smooth and creamy, "Heavenly Delight" is a drop in replacement for traditional soft serve fresh or frozen mix. It rinses through the soft serve machine easier and faster than traditional soft serve mixes and does not leave a foam build up in the hopper of a gravity soft serve machine unlike higher fat mixes, thereby substantially reducing waste.


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